Gold Savings Schemes


No more dreams, only reality without pulling your available funds. Just spare a fixed sum affordable to you every month and advance the same for your future generation to buy jewellery from Trust Worthy “PRINCE JEWELLERY”. At present gold has become a very important partner in the day-to-day life to raise one’s status. To fetch them you should have money power. It is very difficult to buy them at once. Hence with our “PrinceJewelplus” you can fetch them without any difficulty, after 11 months with your advance payments...

Prince Jewel plus, the member has to make advance payments for 11month with a minimum of Rs.1000/and, in multiples of Rs.500/, with a fixed monthly advance payment. The advance payment cannot be extended for more than 11 months. 11th monthly advance payment should be completed within 11 months from the date of the first advance payment without fail. This should be strictly adhered to, and nobody can supersede this. After completion of 11 monthly advance payments, within stipulated time, you are eligible for a purchase, No addit