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PRINCE for you

In today's living conditions it is vital to save. The advantages and happiness derived out of 'savings' are simply fabulous.

PRINCE 916 Gold Accumulation Scheme

is one such Gold saving scheme and the benefits are incomparable. It is an opportunity to accumulate gold via a simple & safe method.


Prince Jewellery is known for integrity, hallmark quality, purity, brand-value and a customer-friendly approach to business. Your investment is very safe with Prince Jewellery and we assure you of the best returns.

'PRINCE 916 Gold Accumulation Scheme

Giving importance to customer's requirement has always been the motto of Prince. With this in mind, we are introducing a unique and exciting gold saving scheme plan that's sure to make your association with Prince very special. Basically, if you save with PRINCE, you get back in GOLD, with benefits after maturity.

What's the Gold Saving Scheme all about?

It is very simple. Please visit any one of our showrooms and fill in a simple form and you become a member of Prince 916 Gold Accumulation Scheme. You will be given a membership card to maintain payment particulars.

Trend in gold prices in last 2½ years

06.07.2007 794
07.11.2007 974
12.02.2009 1366
21.02.2009 1716
03.12.2009 1716

As shown above, gold prices have increased by 116% in a span of 2 ½ years. As gold prices soar the world over, the dreams of many are shattered. Not anymore. With this new scheme, you can purchase gold every month. It's made possible by converting your installment money in terms of its values in weight of gold, based on the recommended rate by the Madras Jewellers " Diamond Merchants Association. This is then credited to your account and can be redeemed on Maturity. You now have the advantage of acquiring the accumulated weight in gold at the rate of gold on the date of payment of the installment.

How much do i have to pay and for how long?

The scheme is for a period of 12, 18 & 24 months with a monthly installment in multiples of Rs.500/- You can plan upto fixed monthly installments of any amount.

How do i stand to benefit?

500 250 600 1050
1000 500 1200 2100
2000 1000 2400 4200
5000 2500 6000 10500
10000 5000 12000 21000


  • With the available gold weight by your savings, you can get Prince 916 Gold Jewellery.
  • You are protected from inflation.
  • You will be getting a bonus.
  • Discount in making charges.
  • VAT is applicable as per the prevailing rate in the respective states. 1% VAT will be borne by the company and if any additional VAT is to be paid over phone & above 1% it will be paid by the customer.

How do i pay?

you can remit the installments in cash counters of the showroom where the account was originally opened. We also accept D.D's Local Cheques on all working days. You can also pay by debit/credit cards. Bank service charges will be collected on actuals. You also have an option to pay through ECS and you can avoid your monthly visit to the showroom just for the purpose of remitting monthly installments. You can make payments only at the outlet where from you have joined the scheme.

What if i discontinue?

No cash refund will be allowed under the plan in lieu of gold. You are eligible to purchase jewellery for the accumulated weight of gold but no bonus will be payable.

Subject to Chennai Jurisdiction:

For detailed terms & conditions, please refer the scheme application form.