Saturday, April 19 2014
Today's rate

24Kt - Rs. 2997.00
22Kt - Rs. 2802.00

1 gm - Rs. 45.70

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Savings Scheme

2 in 1 savings schemeEvery monthly installment will be minimum of Rs. 1000-/ or in multiples of Rs: 1000-/.  The scheme is for 15 months only and the monthly installment is fixed.

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Prince Swarna Vaibhav scheme is, 15 months Jewellery savings scheme, with a minimum monthly installment of Rs.1000/- for customized wedding purchases, with a fixed monthly installment.

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Gold Saving Scheme Prince 916 Accumalation Scheme  Giving   importance to customer's requirement has always been the motto of Prince. With this mind, We are Introducing a unique and exciting gold saving scheme plan that's sure to make your association with Prince very special. Basically, if you save with PRINCE, you get back in GOLD, with benefits after maturity.

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